Travel: Kids in Cambodia

Traveling with kids can sometimes be a tiresome experience (especially with two little devils :-), but it’s also a quite rewarding one. In Phnom...

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Project: Fun with Passport Photos

It’s been almost 4.5 years since Zoë got her first passport and it’s about time to get it renewed. Aidan’s passport is still valid,...

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Photo shoot: UW Quad

Spring in Seattle can be (and quite often is) very gray and cloudy but once in a while we’re surprised with warm and clear...

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Photo shoot: Fall in Washington Park Arboretum

Fall finally arrived and most leaves turned red and gold. It comes to no surprise we visited Washington Park Arboretum as it’s quite beautiful...

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Photo shoot: Family (July – August 2012)

Few recent photos of my children .. Enjoy!

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Collection: Photos of Zoë

A few photos of Zoë for my parents to see – they live in Europe and have yet to see her in person (planned...

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The perfect morning

Last weekend we awoke to a beautiful morning – the sun was shining, not a cloud on the sky – a hard to miss...

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Photo shoot: Zoë Annabelle (and Out :-)

I managed to snap a few quick photos during family visit, and my wife managed to snap one of me and Zoë as well...

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