Tomb Raider – Rise of the Rice God

Cambodia welcomed us with a mixture of rain and sunshine along with modern technology and ancient buildings. Our plane landed in Siem Reap and we were welcomed by Kama’s family who, for the next several days, were our hosts, drivers and guides 🙂

Siem Reap, located just a few kilometers away from the temple complex at Angkor (Angkor Wat being the most famous one) was a buzzing city filled with tourists, markets and vendors. We shopped, enjoyed cheap massages (just $5 per hour), tried delicious food and exotic fruits, and took hundreds of photos of the ruins (well, Derek did).

After a few days we headed to Phnom Penh, the current capital of the Cambodia. In comparison to Siem Reap it was a crowded place with newer buildings and technology. We stayed in a hotel near the Waterfront (by the Tonle Sap River) within walking distance to major attractions of the city.

We witnessed a partial solar eclipse (as the path of totality went through China), ate pizza and dodged dozens of persistent tuk-tuk drivers who annoyed us with their touts (especially by the Royal Palace). Waving your hand and saying “No, Thank You” gets tiring pretty fast. After few days we said goodbye to Phnom Peng and took bus back to Siem Reap.

The remaining time in Siem Reap was spent on massages, temples, shoppings and entertainment. One day was spent on a trip to Floating Forest. During our visit to Cambodia Cultural Village, Derek was chosen to play the role of Rice God (see video below) – unfortunately his stage debut was cut short by a sudden rainstorm (better luck next time!)

Visiting Cambodia was an amazing experience and we will definitely come back again. We are now on our way to Thailand – to visit Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other norther regions of the country. See you soon!

– Derek out