Jammin’ to Reggae (Jamaica 2013)

We’ve started our adventure with Jamaica in Montego Bay, where we stayed in Sunset Beach Resort Spa and Waterpark.

The resort had its own waterpark and offered a kit of entertainment in the evening, but was located quite a distance from the Montego Bay itself (I guess that’s the reason behind an all-inclusive hotel).

Zoë was amazing everyone by fearlessly jumping into a pool and swimming underwater in a hot tub. Hopefully Aidan will do the same soon 🙂

After a few days in the resort we were ready to explore other regions of Jamaica, so we’ve rented a car and headed west to Negril.

Negril itself turned out to be quite interesting – filled with big resorts (like Sandals), beautiful beaches .. and plenty of weed smokers 🙂

Derek was approached a few times and offered a joint but the offer was declined. Drugs are bad … mkay? Especially when they can land you some jail time 🙂

After Negril it was time to visit another Jamaican town of Ocho Rios – small town filled with bazaars and resorts.

Our last few days in Jamaica were spent again in Montego Bay, this time in a smaller and quieter Coyaba Beach Resort & Club.