Finding Nemo

Nemo: Found
Crush: Found
Doris: Still Missing (presumed to be devoured by sharks)

So, we landed in Philippines again – weather was a bit more interesting than before (which included daily thunderstorms and frequent downpours). We managed to get a few days of sunshine though – perfectly timed with our island hopping and snorkeling (Poseidon must have been enjoying our visits).

Derek went diving again while testing the newly purchased underwater housing for Kama’s camera. Result: it didn’t flood! And it worked perfectly resulting in underwater movies and photos – enjoy!

Nang learned how to swim in just a day (courtesy of Kama), but we have still have to test him in a fresh water settings. We spent a day on a remote island (Banana Island), saw the skeleton of a wreck ship, octopus, seahorse and got nicely tanned (if not sunburned for some).

We are now heading to Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder.

-Derek out