Eat, Pray, Love .. in Ubud

We’ve finally arrived in Ubud – place popular with tourist wanted to repeat Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Love” experience from “Eat, Pray, Love” (later portrayed on the silver screen by Julia Roberts).

The town is located in among lush green hills, has its own Monkey Sanctuary and a busy two-faced market.

Market itself has two, completely opposite, faces. One, which exists only very early in the morning – time when locals get fresh fruits, meats and spices. And a later one – more tourist-oriented bazaar without much food, but with tons of trinkets and souvenirs.

We decided to split our stay in Ubud and stay in two places – one located near the town center and another one, further away among the rice paddies.

Both places came with private swimming pools which kids loved spending time in as the AC wasn’t working as well as one would have loved to.