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Europe 2019 (Part 1) – Poland

We haven’t been back to Europe since Zoe’s birth (2011) and it was time to visit the Old Continent. We’ve visited Poland – in time for my cousin’s wedding (also Derek) and made a short stop in Krakow (Cracow) to see its nearby beautiful Wieliczka Salt Mine and visit an old friend 🙂 In between…

Poland 2011

After Zoe’s birth we decided to visit Europe to see the family (especially her grandparents who were eager to see their first grandchild). Together with our friends Chis and Seng we planned a pretty big trip which covered 3 countries (Poland, Holland and France). This post is about the first of those stops – Poland….

Of Family and History

After a long and tiresome bus trip from Frankfurt (Germany) to Wroclaw (Poland – Derek’s hometown) we knocked on Derek’s parents door and surprised them.  They weren’t expecting us to visit for at least another week or two 🙂  What a tremendous surprise it was. We started off with a train ride to Zagan, where…