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France 2011

After spending few days in Amsterdam it was time to visit our last stop – Paris, France. We’ve spend our time sightseeing such places as Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge and of course the Palace of Versailles (in which it was easy to get lost for hours).

Netherlands 2011

We’ve arrived in Amsterdam in the late afternoon following a short flight from Wroclaw to Eindhoven (via WizzAir) then taking the train. The city was very unique – full of canals, bicycles and Coffee Shops (in which it’s legal to smoke cannabis). It even had its own Red District with ladies willing to fulfill (some…

Poland 2011

After Zoe’s birth we decided to visit Europe to see the family (especially her grandparents who were eager to see their first grandchild). Together with our friends Chis and Seng we planned a pretty big trip which covered 3 countries (Poland, Holland and France). This post is about the first of those stops – Poland….

Of Trains, Beers and Stones

Flight to London was .. interesting to say the least. The popular budget airline Ryanair surprised us by not having assigned seats (just sit anywhere you want) and with constant in-flight advertising, successfully preventing any rest. I guess the saying was right and you get what you paid for. We were picked up by Derek’s…