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Blast from the Past: Thailand & Cambodia 2015

Another blast from the past – this time from entire Rak family visit to Thailand & Cambodia in November 2015.

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SouthEast Asia & Australia 2013

We’ve arrived in Phnom Penh and .. realized we have miscalculated our arrival date – our booking didn’t start until the day after. Luckily the hotel had a room available for which we were thankful – everyone was exhausted after the long flight, even though Zoë wanted to jump into the pool right away (and…

Tomb Raider – Rise of the Rice God

Cambodia welcomed us with a mixture of rain and sunshine along with modern technology and ancient buildings. Our plane landed in Siem Reap and we were welcomed by Kama’s family who, for the next several days, were our hosts, drivers and guides 🙂 Siem Reap, located just a few kilometers away from the temple complex…