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It has always been Derek’s dream to travel around the world and he has graciously included me in on his dream.  LOL!  We have been planning this trip since last year.  We wanted to travel on a grand scale before we decide to settle down and have kids.  After that we will still travel with our kids but not like this.

We will be traveling lightly with just one backpack each.  We will be traveling to Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand for six months, give or take a few weeks.

We will keep our family and friends updated on our journey.  Wish us luck!


  1. Jana

    Derek – haven’t heard back from you, and no recent updates on your site. Is everything okay?

  2. mandy

    Hey Derek and Kama,

    I noticed that you guys havent updated this in a while (October). I wanted to make sure you guys didnt get lost out there… Please reply or post something so we know you two are still ok and having a good time out there…

    Thanks and safe travels,

  3. 2010-01-11

    Sorry everyone for not updating our posting or replying to people. We have been very busy getting from one place to another (a few days here and there in Europe) and sometimes do not have internet connections.

    We are currently in Australia and have been here for over two months now. While here, we spent most of our time traveling around the country from Melbourne to Sydney and then all along the East coast up to Cairns. From there we traveled to Katherine before heading down towards Alice Springs, Uluru, Adelaide, Melbourne, and then back to Sydney. Throughout this time we camped along the way and did not have much time to respond to emails or update our site as it is expensive to use the internet (especially in the middle of the desert where they can charge you however much they want – gas prices was killer).

    We are now in Sydney and have been here for over a month, heading back home on the 26th of January 2010. We are working on the photos for the posting and have posted one so far. Once all the photos are finished (selected, processed, and uploaded) we will post the rest of our trip leading up to Australia. We hope to finish every posting by the time we head home.

    Thank you for checking up on us and for your support by reading our postings. We appreciate knowing we are not so out of touch with our friends and family while being away for so long. We miss everyone and hope to talk and see people in person soon.

    Thanks so much,
    Derek & Kama

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