Monthly Archives: July 2009

Tomb Raider – Rise of the Rice God

Cambodia welcomed us with a mixture of rain and sunshine along with modern technology and ancient buildings. Our plane landed in Siem Reap and we were welcomed by Kama’s family who, for the next several days, were our hosts, drivers and guides 🙂 Siem Reap, located just a few kilometers away from the temple complex…

Finding Nemo

Nemo: Found Crush: Found Doris: Still Missing (presumed to be devoured by sharks) So, we landed in Philippines again – weather was a bit more interesting than before (which included daily thunderstorms and frequent downpours). We managed to get a few days of sunshine though – perfectly timed with our island hopping and snorkeling (Poseidon…

Banzai!! Japan

Lights…Camera…Action!! Japan is a bustling adventure. Whether your walking around in the malls or on the street, or going out to eat, you’ll see that there’s no such thing as a dull moment. The daytime is nice and relaxing…except the humidity can take a toll on you if you’re carrying bags and bags of luggage….