Hello from Seoul, Korea

We’ve landed in Seoul, Korea and are currently waiting for our connecting flight to Hong Kong.

In the meantime we’ve already started our souvenir collection by making a Hanji Craft (pics below).

It’s the Final Countdown …

The date is confirmed for May 18th, 2009 (booked and ready to fly)!  We will be flying Asiana Airline from Seattle to Hong Kong, our first destination.  From there we will head into China where we will spend 3-4 weeks exploring.

My younger brother, Samnang, will be joining us in June as we explore Asia.  He will be meeting us in Japan around the 20th of June when school is over.  From Japan he will travel with us throughout South East Asia and head back home in September in time for Fall quarter.

We are still packing our things for storage and will be storing it on Friday at a facility on MLK near the freeway.  My dog, Yuki, will be staying with my mom for the duration of my absence.  Hopefully he won’t forget me 🙁  . I’m going to really miss him.

Our travel packs are ready though, with just a few more things to finalize and check on.  Derek bought a new camera for the trip (he’s been wanting it anyways), a Nikon D-700.

We’re so excited and wish we were leaving tomorrow.  LOL!  Just 7 more days to go!