Event: Field of Orbs Light Painting Extravaganza

Sydney, NSW Last Saturday night we’ve visited Centennial Park in Sydney, where an orchestrated event took place – light painting organized by Peter Solness. Hundreds of members of the public helped create this magical experience – waving and swinging LED lights. Photos below were made possible by using long exposure (30s or so) 🙂

Project: Fun with Passport Photos

Rockdale, NSW It’s been almost 4.5 years since Zoë got her first passport and it’s about time to get it renewed. Aidan’s passport is still valid, but we’ve decided to renew it too to make things a bit easier in the future. Instead of going to a photo shop and getting a sorry excuse for a photo…

Photo shoot: Open Studio Shoot at SUNSTUDIOS

Alexandria, NSW Last Saturday I’ve met with a group of fellow photographers in SUNSTUDIOS Australia located in Alexandria, NSW. We’ve spent several hours shooting photos of different models (both male and female) – some of whom I remembered from the previous photo shoot at Studio 1A. Below are some photos from the event – more…

Event: Toohey’s Abandoned Factory

Mittagong, NSW Last Sunday a group of about 40 members of Not only Black and White Meetup group met in Mittagong and explored abandoned Toohey’s factory. Here are some of my photos (mixture of normal and infrared).