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Project: World in Infrared

I’ve been playing around with infrared photography since late 2006, ever since I got my first digital camera – Nikon D80. In the beginning I used the Hoya R72 infrared filter which, combined with the long exposure created some interesting effects, though the usage was limited and required a tripod (30s+ due to strong built-in…

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Photo shoot: Astroshoot in Blue Mountains

Last Saturday a group led by Jay met at the Hargraves Lookout near Blackheath, NSW and spent over 5 hours photographing Milky Way. Here are some photos from that night: Camera: Nikon D810 + Samyang 14mm f2.8 Processing: Lightroom (Temp: ~3900K)

Project: Fun with Passport Photos

It’s been almost 4.5 years since Zoë got her first passport and it’s about time to get it renewed. Aidan’s passport is still valid, but we’ve decided to renew it too to make things a bit easier in the future. Instead of going to a photo shop and getting a sorry excuse for a photo (most of…

Projects: Waverley Cemetery in Infrared

I’ve noticed that since moving to Sydney I haven’t done much shooting in infrared, despite being in one of the best places on Earth to do so (because it requires a lot of sun). So, in January I’ve decided to visit beautiful Waverley Cemetery located in Bronte, NSW (few km south of Bondi Beach). Usual…

Event: Circular Quay at Night

A couple of days ago I’ve found myself at the Circular Quay in Sydney – it was late afternoon and the place was swarming with tourists and locals alike. I was participating in an Sydney Icons Night Photography event for which I RSVP for at The idea behind the meeting was to take photos…

Project: Dandelions (Focus Stacking)

I am often amazed by high-quality macro shots of flowers and insects – when most of the bug/flower is in focus. It takes careful planning (after all object can’t move too much) and later usage of a technique called focus stacking. Without it – only a part of the object would be in focus, while…

Event: Sculpture by the Sea

In late October a multitude of sculptures appeared along the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk – put there as part of the Sculpture by the Sea event. Members of the Night Photography – Astrophotography Enthusiast Meetup group decided to take photos of the sculptures on early morning – below are some of my photos.  

Photo shoot: Night Sky of Royal National Park

It’s been over 2 months since we’ve moved to Sydney and I’ve been kept busy with adapting to the new surroundings. I haven’t had much time to explore Sydney and its beautiful surroundings but I did manage to participate in a night photography event which took place at Royal National Park. Here are two of…