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Travel: Kids in Cambodia

Traveling with kids can sometimes be a tiresome experience (especially with two little devils :-), but it’s also a quite rewarding one. In Phnom Penh (Cambodia) both Aidan and Zoë were eager to explore nearby temples and it turned to be a perfect opportunity to snap some photos of them just having fun.

Project: Fun with Passport Photos

It’s been almost 4.5 years since Zoë got her first passport and it’s about time to get it renewed. Aidan’s passport is still valid, but we’ve decided to renew it too to make things a bit easier in the future. Instead of going to a photo shop and getting a sorry excuse for a photo (most of…

Photo shoot: UW Quad

Spring in Seattle can be (and quite often is) very gray and cloudy but once in a while we’re surprised with warm and clear days. On one of those rare days we’ve decided  to visit University of Washington’s Quad with its gorgeous cherry trees in full bloom – here are some family photos I took…

Photo shoot: Fall in Washington Park Arboretum

Fall finally arrived and most leaves turned red and gold. It comes to no surprise we visited Washington Park Arboretum as it’s quite beautiful this time of the year, especially with the great weather and not too many people around. Zoë had fun with the leaves, pine cones and nearby ponds and lakes, while Aidan…

Collection: Photos of Zoë

A few photos of Zoë for my parents to see – they live in Europe and have yet to see her in person (planned visit to Europe in September). So Mom & Dad – enjoy photos of your granddaughter 🙂    

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  • Kama Rak2011-06-29 - 20:52

    Thank you for taking the time to take photos of our little girl! She is an absolute angel and devil when she wants to be. The photos really captures her personalities.ReplyCancel

The perfect morning

Last weekend we awoke to a beautiful morning – the sun was shining, not a cloud on the sky – a hard to miss event in our cloudy and rainy Seattle. With a indirect window light it created a gorgeous light in the bedroom. I grabbed my camera, 50mm 1.4f lens and started snapping photos…

Photo shoot: Zoë Annabelle (and Out :-)

I managed to snap a few quick photos during family visit, and my wife managed to snap one of me and Zoë as well 🙂 Few days later we finally received some of the props (hats, hammock, etc) and immediately used them in a shoot  (following photos)