Project: Dandelions (Focus Stacking)

I am often amazed by high-quality macro shots of flowers and insects – when most of the bug/flower is in focus. It takes careful planning (after all object can’t move too much) and later usage of a technique called focus stacking. Without it – only a part of the object would be in focus, while everything else would remain blurry.

I’ve finally decided to play with focus stacking and here are some of my results (high-res photos available on request).

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Event: Zombie Walk 2014 (Sydney)

The day after Halloween zombies took over Hyde Park located in CBD Sydney. It was the place for the 5th annual Zombie Walk organized to raise awareness (and funds) for the Brain Foundation.

Below are some photos ..


I wish there were more, but the event got interrupted by a sudden thunderstorm (scattering people and zombies alike) and I had to take care of my two offsprings who aren’t too found of lightnings and thunders:-)

Though they did manage to have some fun in the nearby fountain …

2014.11.01 @ 15 49 04 - DSC_0182_0183

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Event: Sculpture by the Sea

In late October a multitude of sculptures appeared along the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk – put there as part of the Sculpture by the Sea event. Members of the Night Photography – Astrophotography Enthusiast Meetup group decided to take photos of the sculptures on early morning – below are some of my photos.


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